Parents and Students

Dear Tony and all staff at CBC, I would like to say a huge thank you for all you have done for me. I greatly appreciate your help and support with everything. I won’t forget the kindness I have received from you and the staff at CBC.
Student card
Words cannot express how grateful and thankful we are for your hard work and support…
…I would also like to thank the teachers at CBC for their  hard work and support which they have dedicated to A…. during his stay at CBC. Once again thank you for giving A…. a second chance to prosper academically.

Parent email


This is just a short note to say a massive thank you to all the staff of the CBC for the kindness you have shown and the support that you have extended to A… over the past three months. You have made a huge step in helping to restore his faith in the people who should help him, and for this we are extremely grateful. Once again, we thank you all most sincerely for all your efforts and positive interactions towards him.

Parent email


…I would like to take this opportunity to thank CBC for all the hard work and commitment towards seeing N… through a very difficult and challenging period. Please pass on our thanks to all the teachers and staff who patiently put up with his rants and at times unacceptable language! N… has made good progress while attending CBC. He has applied for and has two interviews for colleges in south London. He has also created his CV and will be looking for some summer work! Once again, many, many thanks for all your kind help and hard work…

…There was the occasion when he refused to do his GCSEs. Elaine called me and I spoke to N… and explained the consequences of having to sit the GCSEs in college. N… still refused to do them, however after being spoken to by his teacher, he decided to do them! This kind of support has been invaluable for him!

Parent email


I would just like to thank you all, for all the support you have given and shown to D…. and I. Thank you for all the encouragement you have given D…. and for seeing the good in him. This won’t be forgotten!

Parent letter


Many thanks for all your support that you gave to D… on his time here. May God bless you all, thanks again from D…’s family

Parent note


B… successfully passed nine GCSEs. I wanted to update and thank you for your part in providing a positive outcome for my child. I’m sure we will be one of many families you help every year, and wanted to highlight how important the decisions you make on a daily basis are. Many thanks

Parent email


It doesn’t feel real to go from a PRU to a sixth form but I guess my hard work paid off. Could you give thanks to all my teachers… …because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be in this position. I will come and visit soon but I’m happy that my dream came true… I can proudly say that I was a student at CBC and I don’t think I will ever receive the same love I received that from anyone else. Thank you so much and see you very soon xx

CBC Student email


‘This note is being sent to you with just one thought in mind, to thank you in the warmest way for being very kind.’

Thank you so much, and hopefully we stay in touch!

CBC Student card and message


Placements and Research

Thank you for the opportunity to carry out my placement at CBC, it has been an experience that I will not forget. My time at CBC exceeded my expectations allowing me to enjoy my nine weeks here and it gave me a great insight into what working in a PRU entails. I acknowledge and appreciate how much you all go through to make a positive difference in your students’ education and their lives. You were all so helpful, friendly and supportive from day one, which allowed me to have lots of valuable information to take away with me. I thank each and every one of you for such a positive experience.

Teaching student placement


The work you do here is truly amazing and you are all far too modest. Mainstream teachers would benefit greatly from some form of training from you so I hope you pursue this!

Teaching student placement


It has been an amazing experience to be able to work with you all and gain the opportunity to work with all the young people.

Tony, thanks for all the support and encouragement. You were amazing and I truly admire the work you do!

Eve, your job is one of the hardest, you keep this place running smoothly. Thanks for all your help.

Elaine, what can I say? You’re the boss lady, I really admire that. Thanks for all your support.

Social work student placement


Thanks so much for today – had a genuinely amazing time and have left feeling galvanised about my research…

BR, Postgraduate Research Student


…coming to Constance Bridgeman was a really great experience. Good luck with everything you are trying to achieve there, I think it’s wonderful you are so proactive.

KC, London Ambulance Service


Training and Presentations

Can I just thank you for sparing the time to come and speak with us on Tuesday. It was a thoroughly useful and interesting day…

MP, Safer Schools, Metropolitan Police Service


I would just like to say a big thank you… for your time and efforts at our PRU Network Conference. I’ve had nothing but good feedback and you all did a fantastic job. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you all again in the future.

SNC, Youth Strategy, Engagement & Schools team, MPS


I can’t tell you how insightful your input was earlier. I’m not sure I’ve come across anyone deliver such thoughtful stuff whilst making it so palatable to coppers. Quoting Maslow one minute and Sun Tzu the next, a bit of colourful language thrown in… brilliant.

WH, Specialist Firearms Command, MPS


I personally took a lot from your presentation and it was great to meet you…

SS, Youth Strategy, Engagement & Schools team, MPS


I am writing to see if I can get your support in delivering a session on managing challenging behaviour. I know you have delivered this to our Duty managers in the past and the feedback was that it was a very useful session…

AB, New City College, Redbridge


Thank you so much, Tony. The training was excellent…

LC, NCC Hackney


I just wanted to say thank you for your training session on Friday. The … staff here at Redbridge and I  found it very informative and helpful. Could I visit your provision  next week or at a convenient time? I would like to discuss if there is a possibility of our staff meeting each other to share good practice/ideas/ behaviour strategies…

TS, NCC Redbridge


Thank you Tony for a superb and thought-provoking session on behaviour and communication…

TD, NCC Redbridge


I just wanted to say thank you again for today and to let you know that ALL of the team have been telling me how amazing it was…

NK, NCC Redbridge


Thank you very much for your workshop at our conference yesterday.  It was not just fascinating and inspiring:  it was also moving to see the work that you are doing and your view that P4C can help with this.